Elite Serum Argireline Review


What is Elite Serum or Elite Serum RX?

PS: Elite Serum’s formulation improved since the first generation and now it’s called Elite Serum RX.This article is written in 2012 and updated in 2015 with the latest formulation of Elite Serum RX and latest testimonial.

Based on our own extensive research, we found that Elite Serum is The Best Argireline Eye serum product in market. This product is far more superior any Argireline eye cream in market. Like its name, this is actually not a Argireline cream, it’s a Argireline eye serum which provide more effectiveness than argireline cream. If your “crow feet” in your eye looked really obvious, using regular over the counter Argireline cream won’t help you at all. You need much stronger and more high quality serum like Elite Serum, which proven helping many ladies to get younger, as having crow feet in your eyes could significantly make you looked older.

Fact: Do you know that Mini Survey conducted in by Dr Oz in “Cheat your Age” episode found that people guessed people’s age based on appearance of wrinkle in their eyes? If you haven’t watched the episode, watch the episode in this article

Why Elite Serum is Superior than over the counter Argireline cream?

1. Deliver REAL Result, not just another empty promise

What is the point getting fancy cream that have many so called active ingredients that didn’t work at all? I personally tired getting advertised by big skincare brand promised that a certain product that many “active” ingredients only getting disappointed when I learned the product didn’t work

Well, most people didn’t experience that issue with Elite Serum. Even tough I have to admit there were few people who disappointed with the product, lots of people found it useful to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles. If I wrote my testimonial here, it would be biased and subjective, so I put the objective review from Trustpilot and Amazon below.

Amazon review

To See more Amazon review, go to their official site and click Amazon logo.


Pic Above: A woman who perform surgery and it was going bad.. Until she used Elite Serum for treatment and works GREAT. She used Elite serum 8th days after surgery and it significantly speed up healing process

elite serum rx result testimonial


Click for larger text testimonial


Trustpilot review

There are many raving review in Trustpilot, but most of them only had 1 review which is suspicious, so I posted reviews made by real poster. This review was not exaggerated and the reviewer wrote many reviews beside Elite Serum or Elite Serum RX review. If you need to read more review, just go to Elite Serum official site and click trustpilot logo to go there

elite serum customer review honest customer review elite serum trustpilot


Other Testimonial

The picture above taken from 70 years old man who get significant result in his eyes 90 days after using Elite Serum. If Elite Serum that contain Argireline does really work in 70 years old skin, it SURE will work in 30s 40s or even 50s years old even BETTER!


2. Had extensive Clinical Studies and Trusted by Doctors


Elite Serum RX is formulated by trusted veteran cosmetic pharmacist  Irwin Grams, and the previous product, Elite Serum got #1 Best Seller in overall eye cosmetic skin care in Amazon. Unlike many other products that didn’t back up with research, Elite Serum RX is tested in extensive clinical studies to tested its effectiveness before released to market. As the result, they only use ingredients that clinically proven to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles in eyes.

As the result, the product was recommended by many doctors and given to patients who have age-related facial skin issue. Below is

3. Better Absorption than regular Argireline Cream

First, Elite Serum comes in facial serum form, which could reach deeper layer of skin that couldn’t reached by regular cream. By reaching deeper layer, your skin would be more nourished and get more benefit from argireline than using regular cream

While facial serums can give you added moisture, the main reason you’d want to use a facial serum is to get added nutrients into deeper layers of your skin that a regular moisturizer is not able to reach. A moisturizer has larger molecules than a serum. This means that a moisturizer will not penetrate the skin as far as a serum will.

Source: Skincare.about.com

How much is Elite Serum Price?

Normally Elite Serum RX priced USD $89 for a tube and lasted about 45 days  month. They also have USD $59 monthly payment plan where they send you monthly supply of Elite Serum for more affordable price.

However if you asked my opinion, I didn’t recommend you to take USD $59 monthly plan. Lots of customers was disappointed with the payment plan because the Serum lasted more than 1 month (usually 45 or even two month with moderate use), and they were billed when the previous supply still last! Rather than save money, you will WASTE your hard-earned money on it.

So, any Solution to Get Discounted Elite Serum RX?

Absolutely 🙂

They have limited offer discount for customers who buy more than one tube. 25% for buying 2-3 units, 30% for 4-6 units and 35% for buying 7-8. Moreover, they have free fedex delivery (US only) for orders over 200. To get the offer, you need to go click spesial dicsount link first below

Then proceed with single tube of USD $89 option, then you would offered the discount in the backend like this:


I personally recommend you to buy 2-3 products and share it with friends/family or just buy two month supplies without getting billed by automatic billing. Also, if possible grab other ladies to buy 3 or more tubes as you will get FedEx Express Delivery for free!


Where can I buy Argireline Serum: Elite Serum?

Actually, you could buy Elite Serum on Amazon, Ebay and other online store. However, I personally recommend you to buy through Elite Serum Official site to get special discount and FeDex Express delivery just like what I mentioned above. You can utilise forum and get people to group buy the product, so both of you could get special discount. You can check how Singaporean ladies hosted group buy to get Elite Serum in cheaper price and share the shipping fee!


Best Argireline Cream and Serum


Do you seek the Best Argireline eye cream to combat wrinkles on eyes?  If you have watched how Argireline cream on Dr Oz Show works to reduce crow feet on your eyes, you might interested to find more info about Argireline. Does Argireline really works? Or it’s just another scam?

If you watched Dr Oz show, he never state any Argireline brand. We personally really curious what is the best argireline cream, and do research on our own. As the result, we find out that Elite serum (the most recommended argireline cream), Revitol Anti Aging and Purafem Red as the best Argireline cream to date. To read review, and click the table below:

Before After Pictures of Argireline user

Argireline: Before After Pictures

As appearance is one of the most important thing for women, wrinkles and even dark circles around the eyes could be such a problem. These signs of aging will make have no confident and will disturb your performance. Therefore many women try to figure out the solution of it and do some treatments such as collagen even botox injection. However it could be harmful for your skin and make some serious health problems. You need to find another method and the answer is using Airgireline! You will be surprised with Argireline before after picutres. But before I show, you might be wondering what this product all about is.

What is Argireline?


It is the brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. It is become popular it has become the recommendation from Dr. Oz. The TV show admit the effectiveness of Argireline to reduce the crow’s feet in your eyes and make your face look much younger. Argireline then become the other alternative to botox which has been known as the facial wrinkle remedy. It is a patented and exclusive peptide that has been used by many beauty product manufacturers to reduce the wrinkles. It is also drawn from natural protens and claimed to make your facial issues rest to the issues of paralysis. So, it has the same function with Botox that can minimize leaving wrinkles which is made by repetitive muscle contradiction and also avert the forming of new one.

Here’s the picture of Before after using argireline product called elite serum. You can read review of the product here



How Argireline works to make my wrinkles reduce?

A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002 proved that a cream containing 10% of it could make the wrinkle depth reduce up to 30% after 30 days of treatment. Argireline mimics the N-terminal end of Snap-25 which make it like a competition for a position in the SNARE complex. It makes the muscles around the eyes that is responsible for the formation of expression lines relax more. Neurotransmitters then cannot released efficiently and weakened the facial contraction. As a result, it will make your wrinkles reduce just like a cosmetic injection. There are lots of Argireline before after pictures online.

Argireline before after pictures have shown you how the Argireline works and how it affects your wrinkles. However, there are many Argireline products that you can get in many stores. But you need to notice that there are many harmful products as well which might offering you many sweet promises with cheaper price. So you need to be careful. One of the best Argireline product is Elite Serum that you can get through its official website.

Can I buy Argireline at Walmart or Walgreens


Can we buy High Quality Argireline Cream in Walmart or Walgreens?

Argireline is one of the most prominent brand that focuses in reducing your wrinkle depth, especially around the eyes. It has been recognized by many experts including Dr. Oz and International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002. Argireline eye cream and eye serum woul be right solution for you. It shown as a solution to reduce the wrinkles in your eyes and act as natural botox without injection. Argireline which is the brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptine-8 have many brand name products. As the best needle-free alternative method to topical or cosmetic injections, you may get interested with this product and wondering, can I buy it via Walmart or Walgreens. Unfortunately, the answer is no.
Why I can’t buy it at those biggest drug retailing?

Actually the argireline creams or serums which are sold at Walmart or Walgreens have low quality. The concentration of it are low and won’t help the crow’s feet in your eyes disappear. Also, as the biggest multinational retailers, it is really vulnerable with some low-quality products because it is cannot be tracked thoroughly. If you follow the news related with it, you will find Walmart and Walgreens along with the other biggest retailers has been under investigation because some drugs they have been sold reveals troubling discovery. So, can I buy Argireline at Walmart or Walgreens? You really need to reconsider it.

Where I should buy it then?

elite serum rx buy argireline

To buy the high-quality product of Argireline cream, the best recommendation is on Elite Serum (click here to read our review). Argireline which is one of the major ingredient for Elie Serum RX is patented peptide and has been considered as the best alternative to botox injection. It is the best Argireline cream in the market and become one of the most favourite products. However since it is only sold on US, you may think it will be difficult for the customers from overseas. But, no need to worry. You can buy it through www.eliteserum.com, the official website of Elite Serum. Noted that there are also several companies that maybe offer the similar product of it and claiming it is pretty similar with Elite Serum. Yet actually the texture and the effectiveness are really different. It might be cheaper yet it is potentially could damage you skin, so at the end it is wasting your money and a harmful one.

So, back again with the first question, can I buy it via Walmart or Walgreens? You know the exact answer dear.

Is There Any Wrinkle Filler Recommended by Dr. Oz?


There might be a lot of women or anyone who wonder about Dr. Oz wrinkle filler brand or at least the brands those are recommended by Dr. Oz. Unfortunately, Dr. Oz has never recommend any brands of wrinkle filler. Does that mean no wrinkle filler good enough to be recommended? That’s not true. There are actually quite a lot of good products under various brands of skin care. However, if it is about one of the best with the very effective result, Elite Serum™ Rx will be a perfect choice. It will be great solution especially on the area around the eyes.

The area around the eyes is not particularly easy to be taken care. A lot of people afraid of applying skin care products of any kind to the area around eyes. The skin around the eyes is sensitive and the skin care product needs to be safe to be used. Elite Serum™ Rx is a safe serum to be used with extra intensity in getting rid of wrinkles on skin. This serum will need to be injected to the skin. In one package there will be 0.47 oz of applicator syringe that will be enough for approximately 45 to 60 days.

Click here to read Elite Serum review

Elite Serum™ Rx has the unique formula for its extra powerful performance. It has Argireline®, Eyeliss™, Hyloxyl®, Matrixyl™3000, SNAP-8 and SYN®-COLL. These powerful substances can be found in just one product and the result is really good. These substances will help the skin to revitalize the lost collagen as well as fibronextin of the skin. The loss of collagen has been long known for being the culprit of wrinkles on skin as well as the thinning skin.  Wrinkles and the thinning skin have been linked to the aging skin. Therefore, retaining collagen on skin will be a great thing.

In order to get the best result, the regular usage of this eye serum is something recommended. This is the serum that will be loved by women despite it being not the wrinkle serum by Dr. Oz. The right formula has brought this one eye serum being one of the best in the market today. Elite Serum™ Rx promises the real result with the regular usage. It is important to be patient in using the product for the sake of best result. The expected results might occur in the different times for every individual considering the different skin condition.

Click here to read Elite Serum review


Argireline Benefits and Side Effects

The list of Argireline benefits and side effects are already known around the world, it is said as the new anti-aging treatment that works effective on your skin. It is created from the distinctive hexapeptide which is scientifically tested and proved as anti-aging material. The ingredients are claimed to have similar ability with Botox, but it works differently. Applying Argireline will give no risk, it will not paralyze the muscle that lead to severe problem. It will only penetrate your skin t o a certain degree and block the nerve receptor. But still, knowing both Argireline benefits and side effects is still necessary before deciding to use the product.

If you’re looking the best argireline product, please read our review here

What are the benefits which are given by Argireline?

argireline elite serum benefits side effect

The product has been proof to be effective in reducing the wrinkles; it works by relaxing the tense of the skin. It has been known that the skin which is often get a tension tend to have more wrinkles compare to the relaxed skin. Even though the cream has similar effect to botulism poison, but applying Argireline is much safer.  The cream give similar result with Botox, but it works in different way. Botox can only be applied in particular area while Argireline can be applied throughout your face. The price of Argireline is considered cheaper compare to the Botox; you don’t really need to consult with your doctor about applying the cream or serum to get rid of your aging skin.  It doesn’t mean that you have to apply the cream on the entire surface of your skin to avoid aging wrinkles, because you can use the cream on specific area. People also choose Argireline because the product is being monitored by Dr. Oz, so they can reassure about the quality of the product.

Argireline side effect

Even though the cream gives similar result with Botox, but it has no significant side effect. You might already know that applying Botox might lead to droopy eyelids; but Argireline shows no sign of the symptom. It might occur because the products have different approach in threatening your skin. Until today, the review regarding both Argireline cream and serum shows no negative reaction. People tend to be satisfied about the result that they got by applying the cream on their face. Since the cream is made from natural ingredients, the product can be used for every type of skin. Those who have sensitive skin don’t have to be scared about Argireline benefits and side effects, because the manufacture claimed that their product is non-irritating.

If you’re looking the best argireline product, please read our review here

Elite Serum RX Ingredients

elite serum rx buy argireline

Elite Serum RX becoming known as one of the best skin care products. This product care much work to overcome the various problems that arise on the skin around the eye area. The problem of wrinkles in the eye area will make everyone feel sad. This shows that the older the age and appearance are decreased. This product also works to resolve all the problems of dark circles on the eye area. How it works very soft products with ingredients reliable make everyone more confidence. Here are some details elite serum RX ingredients.


Types and Functions of Peptides in Serum Elite RX

Elite Serum RX contains 8 types of peptides that work optimally to take care of your skin. Before you use this product, then you should know the types and benefits of specific peptides for skin

Argireline.It is one of the brands of acetyl hexapeptide-8 which serves to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes. This ingredient works by relaxing the muscles around the eyes. When the muscles around the eyes looks relaxed, then the contraction will make your skin softer.

where to buy argireline cheap


Syn-TC. This synthetic peptide material will work to produce several types of collagen. This collagen will make your skin smooth and soft. The use of collagen in more than 20 days will make the skin look firmer

syntc elite serum anti aging argireline

Snap-8. This material consists of a hexapeptide argireline. This material is able to send a neurotransmitter that can work to prevent wrinkling of the skin effect.


Haloxyl. Haloxyl is more widely known by the tetrapeptide-7. This material works specifically to reduce swollen eye area and the edge of the black lines on dark circles. Swollen eye circles are usually filled with fluid and are able to make the liquid material to the glands around the eyes.


Eyeliss. This material is a combination of three types of peptides that work to eliminate dark circles completely.


Matrixyl-3000. Materials of this material is able to retain the eyelid that has been repaired becomes look younger and softer. This material component repair wrinkles and maintain skin condition afterwards.

Inyline. This material is able to prevent the recurrence of wrinkles in the eye area after a period of treatment. This material will work with maintaining the condition of the muscles to be more relaxed.


Syn-Coll. Syn-coll ingredients capable of making early prevention at all the symptoms of aging. This material also improves system skin damage due to exposure to UV rays.

Elite Serum RX also contains various other natural ingredients that serve to maintain the natural collagen in the skin. Seaweed extract will make the skin look softer appearance. All material has passed the test so that the elite serum RX into products that is safe to use.


Elite Serum vs Revitol, which one is the best?

Elite Serum Vs Revitol: The Best argireline cream

Best Argireline Revitol Elite Serum Dr Oz

When you glance in the mirror, there are things just do not look the same as they once did. You are pretty certain you need to take action. Choosing the right anti wrinkles face serum or cream for your age and skin condition will have you looking better in no time. Some of the more advanced serums or creams can even turn back the clock several years for your skin. However, there are so many anti aging products on the market today, it can be confusing to go shopping for a skin care treatment that will work well for you. The following is a comparison of two anti-aging products are quite popular in the market. Find which one is best for you!

Btw, if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, check out our presentation summary below

Elite Serum Vs Revitol, Which One is the Best?

Does Elite Serum works

What is Elite Serum?

Using Elite Eye Serum is sure to reverse the signs of aging which become more apparent through out at the years. Elite serum is the result of a high-concentration formula which blends together power ingredients. It is certainly one of the most effective cosmetics when it comes to preventing the natural aging of skin. Elite Serum will bring about a significant improvement with regular use in the following ways:

  • Brings about a more youthful appearance
  • Improve the tone and firmness of skin around the eyes
  • Minimize fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduce puffiness under the eyes
  • Reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles
  • Restore skin elasticity around the eyes

Click here to read Elite Serum review

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What is Revitol Anti Aging cream?

revitol Argreline

Revitol anti aging cream is really a top of the line anti wrinkles product whick can help you look young and more beauty by reducing the look of wrinkles, good lines and various outcomes of aging. Revitol anti aging cream containing edelweiss extract, which is powerful fighters against the appereance of aging. Beside that all types of formula made from natural ingredients. Revitol Anti Aging cost USD $59.90 per jar. No wonder the price is cheaper than Elite Serum. It’s because Revitol is a Argireline cream and Elite Serum is Argireline eye serum.

Here are some benefits of revitol anti anging cream:

  1. Bring back elasticity to sagging skin
  2. Clean rough skin texture for ultimate skincare
  3. Clear darkening under the eyes
  4. Generate healthy skin coloration
  5. Hydrate skin dryness
  6. Minimaze other external and also internal threats affecting aging skin.
  7. Revitalize your skin as well as reduce the anging process
  8. Significantly reduce appereance of fine lines and also wrinkles
  9. Stimulate the regenerate of skin cells

Click here to read Revitol review

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Which one is the best?

Revitol is cream with Argireline for face and neck. Different with the Elite eye serum, revitol an Argireline face cream. However, if you wish to get rid of crow feet in your eyes, you should compliment it with Elite Serum. It’s because serum and cream is different substance and can not be replaced each other. Cream will help you to moisten your skin, but serum has stronger and higher argireline concentrate that will help you to boost your skin’s youth, and that’s why I personally choose Elite Serum over Revitol. So you should adjust where you need and what kind of results you want.

Click here to read Elite Serum review

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Purafem Red Review

What is Purafem Red Argireline?

Purafem Red is another Argireline cream and serum. Unlike Elite Serum and Revitol which is more popular, actually we never heard this product until we find it at Google.  Purafem Red Argireline has the best value compared to other Argireline product: With only USD 39, we can get both Argireline serum and cream! They also have money back guarantee. If your skin doesn’t look yonger in 4 weeks, you can get your money back!

Buy Purafem Red at Official Site

How much Purafem Red Argireline cost?

It cost USD $ 39 for 1 set or Purafem Red Anti Aging system, and Free Shipping is also included! If you buy more than 1 set, you can get cheaper price too. 2 Sets of Purafem Red system cost USD 68 ($10 off) and 3 sets of Purafem Red Anti Aging system only cost you USD$97. Compared to ALL Argireline product, Purafem red is sure the cheapest amongst all!

Buy Purafem Red at Official Site

Is there any Purafem Red Argeline Result photo?

Yes, in their official site there are before and after pictures before and after pictures using Purafem Red Argeline. However, unlike Elite Serum, till now I still can’t find Before and after photos actual customers.

Where can I buy

You can buy Purafem Red Argeline Anti aging system in their official site for USD $39.

Buy Purafem Red at Official Site

Revitol Anti Aging Cream Review

What is Revitol Anti Aging cream

Revitol is cream with Argireline for face and neck. Unlike Elite eye serum, this is an Argireline face cream. However, if you wish to get rid of crow feet in your eyes, you should compliment it with Elite Serum. It’s because serum and cream is different substance and can’t be replaced each other. Cream will help you to moisten your skin, but serum has stronger and higher argireline concentrate that will help you to boost your skin’s youth.

How much is Revitol Anti Aging Cost?

Revitol Anti Aging cost USD $59.90 per jar. No wonder the price is cheaper than Elite Serum: It’s because Revitol is a Argireline cream and Elite Serum is Argireline eye serum. Serum has more concentrate than cream, so it priced higher than cream. If you buy 4 jar of Revitol Anti Aging cream, you can get FREE 2 jar!

Get FREE 2 jar of Revitol Anti Aging Cream with Argireline

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Is there any Revitol Argireline Before after photo?

Yes! I have gathered Revitol Before and after photos of Revitol anti aging. Picture above is taken from Revitol Official website, you can see that there is difference before and after using Revitol around eye area. In the picture below, you also can see customer testimonials of Revitol Argireline cream.

Where can I buy Argireline Cream: Revitol?

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to buy Revitol through Revitol official site. There are other stores who sell Revitol Skin care but you should be careful because there are people who take advantage of Revitol big name and sell counterfeit item! I believe you won’t use unknown substance from counterfeit Argireline product on your precious skin, right? Then you should buy Revitol at official site!

Moreover, only at Revitol Official site, you can get the BEST price of its product, because they’re the manufacturer! Now, they running FREE 2 bottle offer

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